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Monday, 05 June 2006 01:00

June life

It's been getting hotter every day here and that means I'll be going barefoot a lot! I'll probably find some time to get in the pool so I can cool my feet down. These past months have been hectic for me! I'm forcing myself to concentrate on my main business so I can make more money. I'm also trying to set up some time for this page in my schedule so I can be updating as much as possible. My TV watching is now over. The last show was Amercian Idol and now that it's finished I have no interest in any show in the U.S. until big brother starts later this month. I'm a big fan of big brother from the U.K and Autralia so if you're watching those shows feel free to chat about it with me.

Barefeet with waterMy foot life has been hectic as well. Met this wonderful guy this year and have been very satisifed with his foot worship for months now. Recently he's moving to another country do to illness so I've been sad. I have other foot guys who will fulfill my needs but I really connected with this guy more than anyone.

Life moves on and I'm sure we will meet again. I'm going to get back to work and maybe show off my feet on yahoo today. I hope the sheer sock fans will like the new update in the socks section. I'm working on the next gallery now. I got some guys who are willing to be on camera while worshiping my feet so this year might be the year for some worship pics and vids. Wish me luck! I need to find time to meet them and take some pictures.

I want to leave all the guys who like barefeet and water with a picture. Hope you will enjoy this!

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