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My Feet For The New Year

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It's been awhile since I wrote in this blog so I thought I should write something for the beginning of 2008. Last year has been the busiest for me and didn't have much time to update my page. I apologize but this is something I put up for fans and is not a high priority. I want to change that this year but I can't guarantee anything. I'll be finally out of debt so I won't have to worry about paying so many bills each month.

This is not the only page I have and not the only blog I have. I have plenty of blogs I write for and make money from. I write a lot about virtual worlds and games on the internet so it keeps me very busy. There are some places I found that I want to share and explore with all my fans. Been spending a lot of time in Second Life which is a free virtual world on the internet. The gay community isn't very big in the world and I only found some foot fetish stuff. I created an account there using "frankfeet wood" for my name. It's an interesting place and I might find a use for it for the future.

I found a way to have a small sentence update of my day to show on the front page. It's working now and I try to update it as much as I can. I want to add more videos, audio and especially stories. I have plenty of real stories I can tell about my experiences. I also have some fictional stories I can write. I thought about having another section where you can follow my writing of stories from the beginning to the end. I'll be starting that after I write this post.

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0 #1 Jay 2011-08-04 08:34

It's great to see that you're updating your foot site again. I check it often and look forward to your comments, your hot foot stories, and best of all, more pics of the hottest bare male feet and sexiest toes on the planet. Congratulations on working off the debt. There is no better feeling, unless it has to do with your feet.

Take care,
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