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Wednesday, 02 November 2005 00:00

Halloween Day

Happy Halloween!! Trick or Treat Smell my FEET NOW!

I'm all ready today to watch horror movies all day and night but there's a lot of new stuff I wanted to talk about in this post. The biggest news for my page is that I have changed servers for my site. Been working on this all week. I will begin the transfer tomorrow. You will start seeing most of my pages redesigned a bit. All the galleries should have a flash slideshow once the change is complete.

Some visitors will start seeing the changes tomorrow. Others may see it in a couple of days. There shouldn't be any down time or errors while this change is happening. The foot slave page will not be finished. I have a lot of ideas for my foot slave page but I couldn't finish all the stuff I needed to before November. I will be adding some new galleries also if I finish up all the other galleries on time. Hope everyone will have a wonderful day and night. My feet will be getting worshiped in chocolate for halloween. Will post again later...

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Thursday, 13 October 2005 01:00

Halloween Soon

My favorite time of the year! Halloween is coming up and I'm watching horror movies as much as I can. Had some great foot worship times last month. Met a guy from Australia and let him have my feet for 2 days straight. I usually don't meet guys who are from out of town. Hard to set up a good time to meet. But this guy was a good fan from years ago. We did everything he dreamed of doing to my feet. I loved every minute of it. Even let him suck my cock. I came in a couple of minutes. Have to work on that. I can jerk off for hours and not cum but hard to control when I get a good blowjob.

Wanted to make sure everyone knows about the new flash slideshow I am adding to every gallery I have on my site. The first 4 galleries are already done. I'm working on all the galleries right now. Hope to be done by the end of the month. When I finish I'll be putting up some new pics for all the fans waiting for them this year. Join my yahoo group to take a look at some new pics that I leave in high quality so you can see every detail of my feet.

I have some news about the yahoo chat rooms. Just read an article about yahoo bringing back the user created rooms in the future!! So i'll be sure to create the foot room when I see the user rooms are back. I miss the room so much!

This october will be fun. I'm going to Knotts scary farm on sunday so I can get scared. Looking forward to some new movies coming up and things are looking up with my business. Got lot of foot dates this month and have a couple of new slaves I want to try out. Will post more later!


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Wednesday, 03 November 2004 00:00

Feet Are Cold.

It's a cold day so I have my socks on to keep them warm. Halloween and the election is over. I'm glad. Now we can all move on and live with what we have. Last weekend I visited a friend of mine to have some foot fun. Was a lot of fun having my feet covered in chocolate to be licked off! I'll upload some pics of my feet covered in chocolate soon. Sorry I haven't been updating my site recently. I have to work and I'm really busy almost every waking hour. Have to go so I'll blog tomorrow...

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Monday, 25 October 2004 01:00

Loving This Time Of Year!

I love Halloween! I love horror movies! this time of the year just puts a big smile on my face. This year I can't go to knott's scary farm and that is the only sad thing. Wish I could go. I'll probably be watching scary movies all this week. My feet in the air in the dark being scared. It's a fun time for me.

On another subject... I've been wearing my white socks all last week. It's been cold and didn't want to wear new socks. the bottoms of my socks just have a perfect footprint of my feet from wearing them outside. I don't want to wash them. They also smell great too. Lol. My roommates don't think so. oh well.

You know another bad thing about this time of the year. It's political season. I hate it. all this angry people on both sides really disgust me. I don't like talking about politics or religion so I won't. I just will be glad when it's over and I won't have to hear anymore of it... My feet hate it also. They just told me.

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