Wednesday, 02 November 2005 00:00

Halloween Day

Happy Halloween!! Trick or Treat Smell my FEET NOW!

I'm all ready today to watch horror movies all day and night but there's a lot of new stuff I wanted to talk about in this post. The biggest news for my page is that I have changed servers for my site. Been working on this all week. I will begin the transfer tomorrow. You will start seeing most of my pages redesigned a bit. All the galleries should have a flash slideshow once the change is complete.

Some visitors will start seeing the changes tomorrow. Others may see it in a couple of days. There shouldn't be any down time or errors while this change is happening. The foot slave page will not be finished. I have a lot of ideas for my foot slave page but I couldn't finish all the stuff I needed to before November. I will be adding some new galleries also if I finish up all the other galleries on time. Hope everyone will have a wonderful day and night. My feet will be getting worshiped in chocolate for halloween. Will post again later...

Thursday, 20 October 2005 01:00

New Update - My Dirty Feet In Your Face

New story and masturbation slideshow for Gallery 6: "My Dirty Feet In Your Face!"

Thursday, 20 October 2005 01:00

New Update - Toe Show For The Toe Suckers

New story and masturbation slideshow for Gallery 5: "Toe Show For The Toe Suckers!"

Thursday, 13 October 2005 01:00

Halloween Soon

My favorite time of the year! Halloween is coming up and I'm watching horror movies as much as I can. Had some great foot worship times last month. Met a guy from Australia and let him have my feet for 2 days straight. I usually don't meet guys who are from out of town. Hard to set up a good time to meet. But this guy was a good fan from years ago. We did everything he dreamed of doing to my feet. I loved every minute of it. Even let him suck my cock. I came in a couple of minutes. Have to work on that. I can jerk off for hours and not cum but hard to control when I get a good blowjob.

Wanted to make sure everyone knows about the new flash slideshow I am adding to every gallery I have on my site. The first 4 galleries are already done. I'm working on all the galleries right now. Hope to be done by the end of the month. When I finish I'll be putting up some new pics for all the fans waiting for them this year. Join my yahoo group to take a look at some new pics that I leave in high quality so you can see every detail of my feet.

I have some news about the yahoo chat rooms. Just read an article about yahoo bringing back the user created rooms in the future!! So i'll be sure to create the foot room when I see the user rooms are back. I miss the room so much!

This october will be fun. I'm going to Knotts scary farm on sunday so I can get scared. Looking forward to some new movies coming up and things are looking up with my business. Got lot of foot dates this month and have a couple of new slaves I want to try out. Will post more later!


Sunday, 09 October 2005 01:00

New Update - Feet and Computers

New story and masturbation slideshow for Gallery 4: "Feet and Computers"

Sunday, 09 October 2005 01:00

New Update - Popcorn And Feet

New story and masturbation slideshow for Gallery 3: "Popcorn And Feet!"

Monday, 12 September 2005 01:00

New Update - Whipped Creamed Feet

New story and masturbation slideshow for Gallery 2: "Whipped Creamed Feet"

Monday, 12 September 2005 01:00

Update - Banana And Feet

New story and masturbation slideshow for Gallery 1: "Banana and Feet"

Friday, 09 September 2005 01:00

It’s Friday Again!

Hi Everyone! I just created something new and interesting. It seems really like a good new feature for my site. I'll probably add it to my site in a couple of weeks. If you're a member of my Yahoo! group here then you can see a preview of it. I posted a message with a link to the new feature. Got some other new ideas running through my head also which will be fun for everyone I hope. I have hundreds of pics I'll be adding to my page soon. Two new galleries are ready and just need audio to be done before I add them.

I've been really very busy with my work. I have to make it profitable in a year or 2 or I'll have to quit and get a real job. ugh. I don't like being a 9 to 5 person. Rather run a business or help with a small business. Don't want to work at a big building in a cubicle.

I try to put on my webcam on but I sometimes forget. I also try to log in to the IM's but I forget sometimes also. Have to get everything into a routine. I still leave time for some foot worship. Got some guys close to me that I can go to and have my feet worshiped so my feet get the attention they deserve. The bad thing is these guys are really shy and don't want me to take pics or videos of them. They're scared of being recognized. I've tried everything even asked if they could wear a mask. The answer was no mask.

Well I'm still looking for guys local to me who will be willing to be in some pictures. I just don't have the time or resources to drive miles away from me anymore. My roommates don't know anything about me and my fetish. They wouldn't be very nice about it I'm sure too. So always have to find somewhere else to go to meet up with guys. Maybe one of these days I can get my own place or find a foot guy for a roommate.

Tuesday, 06 September 2005 01:00

Summer’s End!

Welcome to my page and my own personal blog. I haven't been consistent writing here for months. I've just been so busy with my work. This page is not my work. This is a work of passion. I love my site and my visitors. I always try to give as much of me as I can to everyone. This site is the totally opposite of my work.

I've been working in the adult industry for years. Where I make money by giving the least amount as possible. I make websites every day with straight porn and hoping they will click on the sponsor banners to sign up. This site is not that at all. Recently I placed more sponsor banners on this site to see if it can pay for itself. It's been going very well. All my pictures will be free even the pics from 1997 when I started. The video and audio clips will also be free. I do have a video clip store where I sell bigger, higher quality and longer clips. It allows me to provide my videos for download. I also have a store where I sell video tapes, socks and shoes for my fans.

In the coming days you will see more changes to my page. I have hundreds of new pics to add. More sound and video clips will be added too. Maybe a redesign of some pages so it will look more like the front page. I do have a secret place where I will be adding new pics and high quality pictures also. The pics on this site will be as small as possible. I can't afford a big bill from my hosting. So I am uploading digital pics straight from my camera to my yahoo group. So if you're not signed up you should check it out.

I have one more thing to mention and I will stop. I have no good news about the yahoo chatrooms. If anyone knows of any news you can write a comment to this post. I have found a good place to chat about feet. It's at chatrooms. Not very talkative but yahoo chatroom was the same. Most chat in personal messages. There is a capability to view cams but you need to be a paid member of I believe you can show your cam for free but only members can see it. It might not be the best but it's something. I have met some nice guys from there and going to hook up with some more in the future.

Well I typed way to much so I will stop. I'll post a lot more cause I put it on my daily schedule. Now if I can just stick with that daily schedule and make it a routine it'll be great! Bye for now and my feet in your face!

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