Thursday, 07 May 2015 16:31

2015 News

It's been over 2 years since I wrote something on my page. I haven't updated any of the programs on the site for over 4 years too. This is mostly due to me not being in the mood to show off my feet as much as I did when I was younger. I had so much fun in my 20's making pictures and chatting with others. In my 30's I did a lot of webcams and started making videos for people. Now in my 40's I need to make sure I have enough money to survive. So I had to look for other work which I have found in some crowdsourcing sites. I am making a lot more money now then all my websites so that is great. I have been working on getting out of debt for a few years. This year I am a lot closer to pay it all off.

Because I haven't updated the programs on this site there was a few hackers that got in and started to use this site for bad stuff. So I had to delete everything and start from the ground up. You will see the videos and pictures come back slowly. I don't have a lot of time with the new work so I do it when I can. After I finish I will probably do a few new videos so you can see me how I look now. I have lost 10 pounds since my last post. I also ran into a few medical problems last year which wasn't serious but it felt serious at the time.

I have no reason to close this site down because it makes enough money to pay itself. Actually I have plenty of other sites that pay the hosting and domain bills. So I'll keep it up as long as it pays for itself and I'm still able to maintain it. I have no idea if I'll get back into the mood to do more videos and pictures. I would love to bring back my foot cam but it's a lot more expensive to do streaming. If I can find a way I might check it out in the future. I haven't had a lot of time to meet guys too which is sad. I have talked to many who I would love to meet but they are just too far away. Some are local and I am hoping to find some time to meet up and have some fun.

Sunday, 27 January 2013 15:13

My feet for 2013

Welcome to 2013! I have a lot of stuff I want to talk about so let's get started. The biggest change on my website happened last year. I updated the software platform I am running this site on. A few years ago I started to move things over to Joomla which makes dealing with videos and pictures a lot easier. Before I programmed everything on my page myself. I did use some old programs for different things but I never updated them in years. I was taking my time moving things over and I still have a few things left over from the past.

The reason I needed to change faster is because in October of last year the site got hacked. I was notified by Google of some malicious links on my site. I am not positive how or when it happened. Once I found out I needed to figure out how to fix the site and make it more secure. I figured out that some old programs I was using had some vulnerable holes in it that allowed this to happen. So I started to delete that stuff and update my main program. I added some security features so this won't happen so easily. This allowed me to add some new features and make things a lot easier for me.

I have uploaded all my videos I have made around the internet. I am uploading new pictures when I have some time. Lot of these pictures are from a few years ago but I never had the chance to upload them before. I have decided to still use the gallery and story format for my pictures. I think it's unique to my site and makes it feel exciting. I am also adding slideshow videos to all my galleries. With that slideshow I am adding a masturbation encouragement so we can cum together viewing my pictures. This will be a slow process and I am not sure how long it will take.

I have just uploaded a video to YouTube and xtube. I hope you will check them out. They will be uploaded on this page soon. Any new video I upload to xtube or xhamster will be in HD and widescreen on this page so be sure to visit my page to get the full view. You may also download any of my pictures and videos whenever you like. I just hope you will enjoy and explore your fetish with me.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011 00:00

December News

I am writing this blog on a cold windy day. I have some thick socks on to warm my feet. I wanted to explain some stuff I'll be doing to this page this month. My goal before next year is to add my old gallery pictures. I've been slowly updating them because I have other stuff I needed to do.Before I start adding new pictures I have to change everything over to this new software. I also recently found out there is a updated version with more security and added features for this software. I have decided to update it but I need to make sure everything stays the same as much as possible. So be prepared for some downtime or errors this month as I start testing stuff.

For the new year I want to put up my store so I can sell my used socks and shoes again. I have plenty of old worn socks which some have holes. Instead of throwing them away I would rather get them very used and let someone else have some pleasure with them. I am thinking of using paxum to accept credit card payments. Can't use paypal because they don't like adult stuff anymore. I'll probably accept checks and maybe cash. I haven't decided the price yet.

I want to be doing more videos next year also. I want to be able to do a video on youtube which is very tame and then a video on xtube which shows a lot more. Then I can also have a video on my site which would be a bit longer. The longer video would be on Clips4sale. That's the idea not sure how I'll do it all. I think a series like that would be cool and gives everyone a chance either to have fun free or give me some support. I will also have a way to accept donations, gifts and even a slave page.

There's a lot more social places on the web now which I am having a lot of fun with. I am still looking for that webcam group chat place where we can all have fun with each other like the yahoo chatroom days. I really miss those days. 1 to 1 cam is fun but I would rather have fun with many more people and we can all interact with each other. I have found some places like that but still testing things out. seem interesting especially with a fetishes room already made.

If you have any ideas you would like to see or information on stuff I am looking for please send an email, message or comment.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011 01:00

My feet for September

Today has been an interesting day. Yesterday I found my facebook account disabled. Sent a request for an explanation why. I got a response this morning that it was closed for sexually explicit pictures. I guess they didn't like the pictures I had showing my underwear. They also gave 2 other reasons. They said I couldn't use facebook to send messages to strangers. Also they want real info which I will not give out. So I decided to let my account go. I was chatting with some nice people on there and hope to find them again in the future.

Those pictures on my account were quite tame compared to others I have seen. I had them up for about a year too. Never had a complaint. So I am guessing this one guy who didn't accept a no from me probably reported those pictures because the next day I found my account disabled. If he only looked at my information on my account and found my website he would have all the stuff he asked for. Some people are lazy and think they should get everything they ask for.

I did create a new facebook account and I'll only be using it for chatting and contacting guys into feet. I be very careful with the pictures I post on facebook. I recently got myself a google plus account so that might be fun to try. There's a hangout I can use with my webcam which might be interesting. I'll be posting more pictures on which is a great foot social site.

I am still moving the pictures over to my new website. Once I am finished I'll be adding some new galleries of pictures.

Friday, 10 June 2011 01:00

2011 feet news

It's been way too long since I posted something on my site. As you can see I have changed my website. I decided this year I was going to totally redesign my page. For the tech people out there who are interested. I am using Joomla for my site now. Before I was using software that I wrote. It did a good job but now it's just too old. I wanted to upgrade my software to make it better but it would take a lot of time to do that. Tested some galleries with my new software and it looked really good. I had to take a break and when I came back I forgot what I did. So I decided to forget about it and use software that has already been made and even better then what I can do.

Right now I still need to move all my galleries over and my store. The galleries will take time. I also want to make the slideshows for all my galleries too. I have some new gallery pictures ready. Actually I have a lot. I don't want to put them up until I finish my site fully. Because I have other websites that I run this site hasnt been updated for years. I've promised things before and I didn't come through so I won't promise. Just have to wait and see. At least today I uploaded gallery 15. Got more than 30 galleries to go.

Make sure you check out the new site and all my social website connections. The best way to get a hold of me is with email, my website or yahoo im. I also have aim. I rarely log into skype. You can follow me on twitter but I don't do much there right now. I have a facebook page and a flickr page. Got some new pictures there. My youtube page is doing good and I'll be adding more videos this month. I'll post more later.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009 01:00

What's new with me?

Last time I wrote was about youtube suspending my account. I still haven't used my second account yet. I will in the future. go to frankfeet2 and subscribe if you want. I haven't uploaded any videos or galleries to my website just yet. I've decided to write my own stuff and not use another software. The ones I tried did some things I wanted but not everything. I have changed the banana and feet and Whipped creamed feet galleries over to the new system. Still needs work but it's coming a long nicely.

I want to get a little personal here now. Since I started this page I always figured I might be bisexual. I labeled myself as BI in chats and posts. Recently I really know I am BI and I also cross dress at times. Some might not want to know that so don't read it. LOL. I've been more interested in trying new things and having some fun. I'm going to be 39 this year so I better try everything I always wanted to try in my life now before it gets too late. I am hoping to get the nerves to go to a foot party soon. I think I would like to attend one and have some fun. So right now I am trying lot of stuff and having fun. I have some new videos and pictures I will be adding. Hope to get my foot cam on more often too.

Last year was probably the worst of my life. I got very depressed because I lost a very good friendship with someone I knew for 15 years. This changed a lot in me and I am still trying to sort and understand everything. I appreciate the people that were there for me in that rough time. I want to make new friends and get things in my life sorted out now. This is why I'm writing this and changing my page to make it better. I really want to meet more people now and have some foot fun or just have some friends to spend time with.

I have lot of ways to communicate with me. I'm not always on but I try to log in as much as I can. I also play games online and if anyone wants to join me just email me. I play LOTRO and Second Life. I do want to introduce Second Life to my visitors. It has some foot fun and other fun stuff people can try. Be sure to check out my social pages at facebook, twitter and myspace.

Thursday, 25 June 2009 01:00

Suspended From Youtube

I got my account suspended from youtube. Not a big problem but I am quite disappointed. None of the videos showed anything explicit. The last video that got my last warning was my sock worshiping video. I was wearing underwear in that video and I think that's what they didn't like. Youtube doesn't explain exactly the reasons and I don't want to dispute it. I'll probably add some very tame videos on my frankfeet2 account there in a few weeks. If you were subscribed to my previous account please subscribe to my new one or my other sites. Thanks!

I am in the process of uploading all the videos I had on youtube to my own website. I probably use some of the other free video sharing sites for more exposure. I only used youtube to get more people to my page. It worked and I'll be looking for other ways to advertise myself. This might be the last time I use this blogging software to write on my page. I'm installing a better way of communicating on my website. I will be using it first for my videos and then add more as time goes by. Look for these changes in the future.

Saturday, 02 May 2009 01:00

My New Changes And Future Plans

It's been a long time since I wrote anything in my blog. Lot of things have happened in my life. Some good and some bad. I came back to the one thing that brought me some happiness, my web page and my fans. These past weeks I have been playing around with my webcams. I have two webcams I can turn on instantly but lighting isn't very good. I have a camcorder for my live cam that I use for yahoo shows. I also have a video capture device to make more video clips.

This means I have been doing some work on all my videos I have collected throughout my years. I am placing all my vhs videos on clips4sale. This is a good place to sell them and save them for the future. Some of the tapes were getting old and the quality was getting bad. I have been placing videos on some other web pages hoping to get some more visitors to my page. I placed some videos on,,,, and You will find some adult videos on the more adult sites of course. I also have my own and account. I have an account for, aim/bebo, and meebo.

I love giving free stuff away and make some of the male foot fetish lovers happy. But I do have to make a living and pay for all this stuff so I am using advertising and selling video clips for now. Later I want to add a wish list, donation and get my foot slave page going again. I want to add more pictures, videos and audio stuff in the future. What I really want to add are worshiping content. Making more money will help me so I can get out more and hope to find guys who will let me take pictures and videos.

The biggest problem with this is following the law. Any sexual content needs to have age verification and consent of the people in the videos and pics. I will have to find out more about this law stuff so I won't get into trouble in the future. Right now all content is of me except one series of pictures.

This year I am also planning on a major redesign of this site. I am planning on using a CMS program to make things easier like joomla. If I can get it to do and look the way I want then I'll use it. The page right now is done by my own programs, other blogging software and hand done pages with html. It's a lot of work and some things break. Making things easier by using one program would really make updating my page easier. I want to be able to pull content from other places by using widgets like the youtube I added to my main page.

To end this blog I just hope eveyone is doing great in life and always remember that feet will get you through anything! I know smelling, sucking and licking my toes really make everything in life a lot better.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008 00:00

Feet Needs To Be Worshiped!

Last week hasn't been that great. I've been fighting off a cold. Today I feel a bit better. My feet haven't been worshiped for 2 weeks now. When I get over this cold I definitely will be calling my foot friend for some fun. I have been worshiping them myself but it's not the same as a guys mouth on my toes while I jerk off.

My goal for this month is to finish up my new story. Next month I'll be writing another foot story and have an idea of a new gallery. I hope to be on webcam more often if I can. Living with roommates is quite funny. They always ask me why do I have a light under my desk. I keep telling them so I can see better but I know they don't believe me. Oh well I know they will never understand my fetish so I won't tell them. I'm hoping for that time I can get my own place and have guys come over to worship me on webcam.

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