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December News

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I am writing this blog on a cold windy day. I have some thick socks on to warm my feet. I wanted to explain some stuff I'll be doing to this page this month. My goal before next year is to add my old gallery pictures. I've been slowly updating them because I have other stuff I needed to do.Before I start adding new pictures I have to change everything over to this new software. I also recently found out there is a updated version with more security and added features for this software. I have decided to update it but I need to make sure everything stays the same as much as possible. So be prepared for some downtime or errors this month as I start testing stuff.

For the new year I want to put up my store so I can sell my used socks and shoes again. I have plenty of old worn socks which some have holes. Instead of throwing them away I would rather get them very used and let someone else have some pleasure with them. I am thinking of using paxum to accept credit card payments. Can't use paypal because they don't like adult stuff anymore. I'll probably accept checks and maybe cash. I haven't decided the price yet.

I want to be doing more videos next year also. I want to be able to do a video on youtube which is very tame and then a video on xtube which shows a lot more. Then I can also have a video on my site which would be a bit longer. The longer video would be on Clips4sale. That's the idea not sure how I'll do it all. I think a series like that would be cool and gives everyone a chance either to have fun free or give me some support. I will also have a way to accept donations, gifts and even a slave page.

There's a lot more social places on the web now which I am having a lot of fun with. I am still looking for that webcam group chat place where we can all have fun with each other like the yahoo chatroom days. I really miss those days. 1 to 1 cam is fun but I would rather have fun with many more people and we can all interact with each other. I have found some places like that but still testing things out. seem interesting especially with a fetishes room already made.

If you have any ideas you would like to see or information on stuff I am looking for please send an email, message or comment.

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