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My feet for September

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Today has been an interesting day. Yesterday I found my facebook account disabled. Sent a request for an explanation why. I got a response this morning that it was closed for sexually explicit pictures. I guess they didn't like the pictures I had showing my underwear. They also gave 2 other reasons. They said I couldn't use facebook to send messages to strangers. Also they want real info which I will not give out. So I decided to let my account go. I was chatting with some nice people on there and hope to find them again in the future.

Those pictures on my account were quite tame compared to others I have seen. I had them up for about a year too. Never had a complaint. So I am guessing this one guy who didn't accept a no from me probably reported those pictures because the next day I found my account disabled. If he only looked at my information on my account and found my website he would have all the stuff he asked for. Some people are lazy and think they should get everything they ask for.

I did create a new facebook account and I'll only be using it for chatting and contacting guys into feet. I be very careful with the pictures I post on facebook. I recently got myself a google plus account so that might be fun to try. There's a hangout I can use with my webcam which might be interesting. I'll be posting more pictures on which is a great foot social site.

I am still moving the pictures over to my new website. Once I am finished I'll be adding some new galleries of pictures.

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0 #1 Chris 2011-11-13 18:49
Hey frank,
I really like you!! Mmh your nice feet!!
And your beautiful dick ;-) mmmh
I'm a big fan of you ;-)
Bye sweaty

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