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What's new with me?

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Last time I wrote was about youtube suspending my account. I still haven't used my second account yet. I will in the future. go to frankfeet2 and subscribe if you want. I haven't uploaded any videos or galleries to my website just yet. I've decided to write my own stuff and not use another software. The ones I tried did some things I wanted but not everything. I have changed the banana and feet and Whipped creamed feet galleries over to the new system. Still needs work but it's coming a long nicely.

I want to get a little personal here now. Since I started this page I always figured I might be bisexual. I labeled myself as BI in chats and posts. Recently I really know I am BI and I also cross dress at times. Some might not want to know that so don't read it. LOL. I've been more interested in trying new things and having some fun. I'm going to be 39 this year so I better try everything I always wanted to try in my life now before it gets too late. I am hoping to get the nerves to go to a foot party soon. I think I would like to attend one and have some fun. So right now I am trying lot of stuff and having fun. I have some new videos and pictures I will be adding. Hope to get my foot cam on more often too.

Last year was probably the worst of my life. I got very depressed because I lost a very good friendship with someone I knew for 15 years. This changed a lot in me and I am still trying to sort and understand everything. I appreciate the people that were there for me in that rough time. I want to make new friends and get things in my life sorted out now. This is why I'm writing this and changing my page to make it better. I really want to meet more people now and have some foot fun or just have some friends to spend time with.

I have lot of ways to communicate with me. I'm not always on but I try to log in as much as I can. I also play games online and if anyone wants to join me just email me. I play LOTRO and Second Life. I do want to introduce Second Life to my visitors. It has some foot fun and other fun stuff people can try. Be sure to check out my social pages at facebook, twitter and myspace.

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0 #4 trs 2011-09-12 18:44
I've just gotten started but I would greatly appreciate it if you would help me out!

0 #3 vanny 2011-09-10 18:44
Frank, I'm your footslave. Please, master, give me your beautiful feet!
0 #2 vanny 2011-09-09 18:44
Frank, since I saw your video,I can't stop thinking about your feet. I would love to kiss, lick and worship it a long, long, very long time. I'm your footslave! Vanny
0 #1 Darco 2011-09-06 10:39
Master, i cum watching your feet pictures and videos. YOU ARE THE BEST

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