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Suspended From Youtube

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I got my account suspended from youtube. Not a big problem but I am quite disappointed. None of the videos showed anything explicit. The last video that got my last warning was my sock worshiping video. I was wearing underwear in that video and I think that's what they didn't like. Youtube doesn't explain exactly the reasons and I don't want to dispute it. I'll probably add some very tame videos on my frankfeet2 account there in a few weeks. If you were subscribed to my previous account please subscribe to my new one or my other sites. Thanks!

I am in the process of uploading all the videos I had on youtube to my own website. I probably use some of the other free video sharing sites for more exposure. I only used youtube to get more people to my page. It worked and I'll be looking for other ways to advertise myself. This might be the last time I use this blogging software to write on my page. I'm installing a better way of communicating on my website. I will be using it first for my videos and then add more as time goes by. Look for these changes in the future.

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0 #2 toenail 61 2015-10-03 19:11
hey there Frank good to see you.I 've first seen you on Xtube and enjoyed wtaching your feet while you jerk off.watched most of them there .must say you have the sexiest tors ever.would love to have sucked them for hours while you jerk off slowly increasing momentom as things get heated can chat to me via my email if you'd like.johnny
0 #1 Ferfetish 2011-08-13 10:37
It is strange the way YouTube manage its content. It seems that it depends on how many reports are made by the viewers. But anyway, we still have the resource to watch you here!
Thanks for sharing all these fantastic videos.

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