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Happy New Year!

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Wanted to wish everybody a happy new year! Hope everyone gets their foot wishes come true this year! I know I am having a wonderful time tonight. A friend of mine came over to worship my feet all day until the new year! He's been doing a wonderful job. I've been watching TV and working at my computer while he sucks on my toes and licks my soles. He's still licking my toes as I type this! My toes are feeling so good and my feet are soaking wet with his saliva! I already came twice while he's been worshiping and I got him to cum 3 times with 2 footjobs! The other time I got him to cum in my shoe. I even came in his shoe. We're having a great time! I think I will try to cum another time before I go to bed and he goes back to his home. I bet his mouth is so tired now!

I just added a new gallery called, "Having a Soda Break With My Feet!" I drank all the soda after I soaked my feet in the bowl. It tasted great! This is the second time I typed this out today because the lights keep flickering on and off because of a storm passing through. Computers don't like that and I don't have a backup power supply. One thing I need to buy this year! I have a lot more pictures coming this year. I know I said it last year and It didn't come true. Sorry about that. My business has to come first. This page is totally free and I can only work on it when I have free time. I better stop or the lights will flicker again before I finish. Bye all!

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0 #3 vanny 2011-09-11 18:44
Hi Frank,I am dreaming every night to lick, kiss and worship your feet, toes, soles, heels and toejam!
0 #2 beautiful 9s 2011-07-08 04:44
Hey Frank n friends, Frank, you the man. I wish dudes wanted to worship my feet. I want to have my feet licked all the time. if you live in san diego and think nothing tastes better than a foot than email me
0 #1 Nathan 2011-07-04 04:44
Hi frank,
Loving your site, every night i stop up late just so i can have the pleasure of your beutifull feet, i believe your feet should be worshipped by everybody in the world, and people should respect all the sweat and toejam associated of your feet, ps i also baked a "foot cake" as i stirred all the ingredients up with my feet!

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