Wednesday, 12 December 2001 00:00

New Pictures! Yay!

I hope Everyone has been enjoying the new pictures I added to my page. I loved making the new pictures and all the new changes on my website. I've been doing a lot of foot shows on so please come and join me. I get hornier if I know more people are watching.

I am trying to turn on my foot cam every day now but sometimes I forget. If you want to see my feet on my footcam just email me or send me a message through yahoo which I usually have on all the time.

If you do try to watch my shows on I must warn you I only have a 56k connection to the internet so it will be quite slow. I appologize for this in advance but I can't afford a dsl or cable connection right now. Every time I start my show I get a lot of users watching and the connection gets too full.

I am planning on doing a show at only for the fans from my website in the future. Keep checking back for any information I will provide to you about the day and time I will do this show.

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