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Feet Needs To Be Worshiped!

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Last week hasn't been that great. I've been fighting off a cold. Today I feel a bit better. My feet haven't been worshiped for 2 weeks now. When I get over this cold I definitely will be calling my foot friend for some fun. I have been worshiping them myself but it's not the same as a guys mouth on my toes while I jerk off.

My goal for this month is to finish up my new story. Next month I'll be writing another foot story and have an idea of a new gallery. I hope to be on webcam more often if I can. Living with roommates is quite funny. They always ask me why do I have a light under my desk. I keep telling them so I can see better but I know they don't believe me. Oh well I know they will never understand my fetish so I won't tell them. I'm hoping for that time I can get my own place and have guys come over to worship me on webcam.

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0 #4 Michael 2011-09-05 10:39
I am in love with your socks and feet. I wish I could worship them for hours while you stroke your cock! I have been worshiping you from afar for many years. I am from the east coast but now live in LAS VEGAS. I dream of serving a guy like you... your feet and socks. I want to pleasure your feet! I can't get enough of your socks and feet! I think YouTube are idiots for removing you. But I'm glad you have this site. I just wish I could worship your feet in real time!
0 #3 Glenn 2011-08-12 10:37
Hi there Frank, first time i've visited your site. Love your feet to bits, and do anything to get my hands and my tongue on them. Am from Newcastle, and have loved feet for years. Oh, am 32.
0 #2 Max 2011-08-11 10:35
Frank, I love your feet. I would gladly worship them for you. I'd suck your big toe like a cock, then I'd suck the other one, and then put them both in my mouth together and run my tongue all around them and let you rub your feet all over my face while you jerk yourself off.
0 #1 john 2011-08-10 10:35
Hello Frank, I'm a fan of your feet from Greece. i have to say that i love your feet and i would do anything for a worship with you. But i guess i am too far.Keep up the good job, kisses everywhere!

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