These slippers were given to me by a slave! I have been wearing these stinky slippers for a long time now. When my
shoes become used shoes then I bring them into my shoe family. I love shoe licking and shoe cleaning my slippers. I love
to have some shoe fucking and slipper sex with these shoes. Now is the time for my slipper to get its fist cum dump
from my cock! Watch as I am jacking off for my frank shoes
The quality of these pics are good. They are all made by a digital camera.

I love these slippers. The way they comfort my toes when I walk around the house.
The looks of them when I look down turns me on. They are so soft for my feet.
I wear them when I don't want my feet or socks to get dirty. They have a nice sweat smell to them.
I received these shoes from a slave through the mail with other shoes. Been using them ever since.
Shoes must be worned in and get that new shoe smell out before I can play with them.
These shoes have now passed that stage and today is the day I will reward my slippers.
When I get up in the morning these slippers touch my feet first.
When my feet are cold I will wear them around the house with or without socks.
I need to have some fun with them now. They are nice and warm waiting for me.
One foot comes out to show the world.
Look at how nice the insides are. Nice and soft. So comforting for my feet.
Wouldn't you just like to shrink down and wander in my shoe licking up all my sweat?
The bottoms have seen better days and they need some cleaning.
Take a good luck at the bottoms so you can dream of these slippers comming down on your face.
I want to stomp on you and walk all over your body with these shoes.
I bet you want to know more about the smell. There is still a leather smell to it.
But the sweat from my feet is over powering the leather smell quickly.
Not as strong as my sneakers but still would get some notice from others.
I love taking a big whiff of the insides of any of my shoes. These shoes are ready to be fucked.
My cock has been waiting for this ever since I received these slippers.

My cock pops out to rub against my slipper.
Getting hard from the softness from my slipper.
A little stomp from my slipper gets my cock attention and hardness!
Now my cock explores the warm insides of my slipper!
Getting in deeper and feeling the sweat from my feet.
I'm fully in and feeling fantastic. Pumping my slipper.
My slipper gets on the top to be fucked by my cock.
My hard cock keeps the slipper on as I rub and rub.
Fucking my slipper harder and faster. This feels so good.
Mmmmm Yes Ride my cock. This slipper is getting fucked the way it should!
Yes All the way in. In deep. Loving the softness and sweat.
I believe it's time for me to prepare to cum on my shoe.
If I was doing this alone I would come deep inside my slipper.
But so you can see how I reward my slippers up close and personal I will jerk off over my shoe.
I love to fuck my shoes and my friends shoes. I get so turned on.
But I love it when a friend or slave fucks my own shoe. That drives me crazy watching him make love to my sweaty shoes.
I can feel my cum about to come out. Get ready and watch it spurt on my shoe.
Ohhhhhh YES!!!!! I'm cumming. All the cum on my shoe.
A nice reward for my slipper. My own warm cum exploring my slipper.

Every single drop must go on my shoe. None to waste.
Mmmmm That felt great. My slipper is now a part of my foot family.
Doesn't that look fantastic? Now this slipper is ready to be fucked by others.
My slipper is no longer a virgin. It is now ready for my fans and slaves to reward.
Now for that very last drop from my cock to fall to my slipper.
Here is the reward I gave to my shoe. What do you think? Was it good enough?
A nice view of my slipper with my own cum on it.
Do you think you can do a better job for my slipper?
What this shoe is missing now is my foot.
Ah here is my foot. I think I better put on my slipper so I can walk around the house.
My slipper is wet with my cum. I think my feet will enjoy the cum.
Now to step down and see the cum cling to my feet and slipper.
Watch as the cum gets squashed under my foot and smeared around.
My foot is fully down and I'm walking around. Isn't that HOT?
My cum doesn't know what it wants more, My foot or my slipper.
Now should I clean it or let it dry?
I usually will let my cum dry on shoes. Only time I clean up is if I came in a friends shoes who might not appreciate it.
So I'll let it dry on my shoe and my feet. Cum is the best foot lotion in town!