When I get home from a good workout I know my smelly shoes will smell good and be very sweaty. I love to be fucking shoes
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Good evening friend! I had a great workout today and saw some great looking guys feet. I was so horny and hard looking at the guys feet and shoes at the gym.
While I was working out I knew my shoes were getting sweaty and ready to be fucked. I couldn't wait to get home. I hope you don't mind me starting my shoe fucking routine.
Mmmm they smell so good. I got a rock hard cock now and I have to feel this sweaty shoe on my cock!
Oh wow!!!! This feels so good!!! I could feel the sweaty walls of my shoes rubbing against my cock head. I can still smell my shoes while I fuck them!
I love fucking all kinds of shoes. Sometimes I'll swap shoes with my friends. I'll fuck my friends shoes and he will fuck mine.
Sometimes we will do it in the same room while we watch each other but usually we will have each others shoes over the night!
I can fuck any type of shoes. I like sneakers because they keep the smell and sweat better than other shoes besides boots.
Would love to fuck boots but can't get all the way down to the toe area where I want to go. Sandals are nice because I can see my cock rubbing on the shoe.
These shoes are my personal best!!! I have fucked them so many times I can't count. It has so many stains from my cum. I have another sneaker I like to fuck also.
Those shoes are up for sale in my store. They have been fucked for years and smell very ripe. The shoe in the picture are my newest shoes.
Man I am so hard!!! I love these shoes!! They smell great and feel great!! Hey friend would you like to join me?
Will you follow me and fuck your own shoe? Would love to see that!! Or maybe have you fuck my own shoe while I watch you!
One time I went over my friends house and we started to fuck each others shoes. I got so hot and horny that I starting licking his feet while I fuck his shoe!
I was in ecstasy and I came in his shoe and he came in mine. We didn't clean the shoes after. I put mine on with his cum in it and went home.

I have such a good time with my friends but I have fun also with my slaves. I have slaves who cater to my shoes and socks. They will clean and worship my shoes.
After I have them clean my shoes with their tongue I will command them to fuck my shoe like if they were fucking me. Fucking my shoe is the closest a slave will get to my ass.
I have my shoe slaves sleep in my closet cuddling with my shoes. When I get dressed they must clean my shoes with their tongue before putting them on my feet.
Sometimes I will put on a nice sweaty sock and fuck my shoes with it. It works well if I don't want to mess up a shoe with my cum.
Having a sock on my cock and fucking my shoe feels so good!! I love the feel of this sock on my cock. It is very sweaty and smelly.
I hope you are turned on by watching me fuck my own sweaty shoes. Are you fucking your shoes now? Will you cum in your own shoes for me?
I think I will cum in my shoe but maybe I should pick another shoe to cum in so you can see the cum run down my shoe. I have some nice dress shoes.
I can fuck my dress shoes now and leave the cum in to dry. Would you like to see that? These sneakers smell so good with my sweat. I'm going to fuck this shoe until I know I am ready to cum.
Oh yes!!! I love it!!! My cock is all the way in this shoe and I can feel the toe area rubbing on my cock head. Feels so so good. Mmmmmmmm I love fucking this shoe!
How do you like this angle? I think it's hot to watch me from the back while my cock enters my sweaty shoe. Watching my balls drop down into the shoe is hot!
Mmmmm look at the insides of my shoe. Looks smooth right?? It is. My cock wants to stay in this shoe and never get out. I'll slide it in slowly for you.
So you can watch every detail of my hard cock entering my shoe. My cock smells like my stinky shoe now. Anyone want to taste and smell my cock?? I wouldn't mind if you did.
Mmmmmm A nice fuck and I'm almost ready to cum for my shoe. My sweaty shoe is riding my cock. It feels so good fucking my shoe this way!

I'm about to cum so I'll change to my dress shoe so you can see my cum inside my shoe. I fuck my dress shoes but my sneakers hug my hard cock better. I cum a lot in my dress shoes as well.
These shoes have lot of stains from my cum on the inside and outside. I don't wear these shoes very often in public.
My black dress shoes are my favorite to wear in public. Just knowing I am walking around in my shoe I came in a couple of hours ago really turns me on!
I get a hard on just thinking about it. OK, I'm about to explode all over this shoe of mine. I hope you will explode with me at the same time!
Yeah, Cum at the same time!!! I'm cumming all over my shoe, dude!!! Watch my cum splatter the inside of this shoe!
I know you like it don't you? Lots of cum for you to taste and play with. Want some cum from my shoe?
MMmmm Did you cum for me also??? I hope you did. I'm still cumming and cumming. Watch as it lays in my shoe waiting for a tongue or a foot to smear it.
You can buy this shoe from my store. I wear them at home a lot and they do have lot of stains. I know you want to smell my shoe and taste my sweat!
I want you to love my shoes and remember that these shoes have the pleasure every day to hug my feet.
Wouldn't you like to hug and cuddle with my feet like my shoes? I knew you would. I hope you like these pics. There are more cumming very soon!