For all my fans who like to see my wet soles I have taken these hot pics for you! I hope you enjoy!
I love foot sucking when they are wet and I can self worship all the time! My male toes are for a toe sucker!
Self sucking my sexy soles on my feet gets me hard all the time! Male feet are the best!
The quality of these pics are good. They are all made by a digital camera.

Good morning my foot fans! I just woke up so you will have to wait so I can get ready. I need to take a bath, get dressed and then we can go on vacation. I'm so excited!
I would be so happy if you joined me in the bath. We can play with my feet if you would like. While on vacation we are going to have some great foot fun!
I would love some good foot play before we go on the road, though! Don't you think my toes look so good with water splashing on my toes?
Come on. You know you like my wet feet. Could you please give me a foot massage right now. My feet really need some kind and gentle touch from your hands!
Or you could massage my toes with your tongue. I would love to feel your tongue on my wet toes right now. Slurp it all up from my feet.
Very good. Lick between my toes!! lick the water drops on my sole. Yes I know you love the feel of my soles on your tongue. I like it also.
Get your face right up in my foot. You will have them in your face every night during this week on vacation. I'm looking forward to having you at my feet 24 hours a day!!
Lick all my wrinkles! Put my heel in your mouth and suck it. Suck it harder. Good!!! Oh yeah!! You are getting me very horny!
Suck each of my wet toes now. Play with my wet soles and fantasize about the fun we will have on vacation. You'll have my feet all to yourself. All your dreams and fantasy will come true.
You can play with my legs. Get in between my legs and worship my legs.. Very good boy! Watch my toes wiggle in front of your eyes!
Watch my soles dance around your body rubbing up and down your muscles.
Suck on my big toe and lick in between my toes. I know you'll love my feet when they get very sweaty and smelly.
They do taste good when they are sweaty with toejam. I can't wait to have my feet in your face while you sleep. My toes in your mouth while you sleep also.

Doesn't my feet look great under water? I really love how my feet look! Why don't you go under water and lick my toes?
Come on and suck on my great looking toes, man! Lick the soles. Suck on my heels. Bite my ankles just like the way I like it.
Well. it's time to clean my feet. Get some soap and clean my feet with it. Come on. Clean it better than that.
Wash between my toes. Wash the sides of my foot. Don't forget about the tops of my feet also. clean between my toenails!
Wash my soles real good now. You are doing very good. Better than I could ever do myself!
Look at my feet. How the suds cling to my feet not wanting to let go. I think you should wash them now.
Nice. Wash my sexy feet! Get them nice and clean! oh yeah. That feels real nice, bud!
You have done a wonderful job!! My feet are nice and clean. They feel so nice right now.
Look how beautiful they are. Look at my toes and see how clean they are! Look how my legs look under the water.
Oh my toes are peeking out of the water waiting for some hot foot sex this week. All this cleaning is making me hard.
Now my toes are barely visible in the water. peeking out waiting for you to make love to each of my toes.
Good now pull my feet out of the water. I think I have a raging hard on!

Get all this water out so we can have fun with my hard cock and feet.
I can feel my hard cock comming up. I want to jack off and I want to see you jack off for my great feet.
That's right. Pull your cock and jack off my sexy feet. Let's see how hard and big you can get your cock for me.
Ok, let's jack off together and cum all over my feet. Would you like that, bud? I know you want me and my feet.
My cock feels so good!! Does your cock feel good also? I bet it feels great just like mine. Stroke your cock harder for me!
Oh yeah. this feels so good. I have an idea. Why don't you continue jack off while I play with my feet?
I'm hungry for feet and my clean feet will do nicely in my mouth.
So what do you think? You want to suck on my toes like this? You'll have your chance all week. Let me have my toes for awhile.
I see you're about to cum for my feet. oh yeah. stroke that hard cock for me. Faster, man!! Faster!!
Cum on, dude. Be my foot lover and cum for me while I lick my sexy toes. I know you want it. I know you want to see me and my toes.
Good boy!! Cum for me now!! That's the way to do it, guy!! Cum all over my feet now!!! Very hot!!! That was fun!!