The quality of these pictures aren't very good but I was sleeping when these pictures were made so there
wasn't a lot of light. I hope you will watch these male feet pictures and don't wake me up!!Sleeping feet is a
big foot fetish from guys I have known. They love to be sucking toes and licking soles while a guy is sleeping.
The quality of these pics are bad. They are all made by video tape capturing.

Be quiet!! If you want to see my feet while I sleep then you need to be very quiet. I told you to wait 30 minutes before comming in.
You were begging me to sleep with my feet and you have been such a good slave that I am going to let you sleep with my feet tonight!
I'm sleeping very nicely so touch my feet lightly. Come on and suck them!! Lick them very slowly. You have my feet all to yourself!!
Don't be afraid!! You have my permission to do anything you want as long as you don't wake me up!! I do move around in my sleep so be carefull!!
Watch out!! You almost woke me up that time. Suck on my toes gently next time. Not so hard!! Good that is much better!!
Yes, Lick those soles of mine!! Make them all wet!! Lick in between my toes. Very good!! I think I'll let you do this every night if you're carefull.
Sure, take your cock out and jack-off while you're licking my feet without me knowing about it. Very good!! These feet are all yours tonight!
Be carefull not to tickle my feet. You know how much I hate being tickled. You don't want me to wake up while you're tickling me!!
Wow, you haven't woke me up yet!! You sucked on all my toes. You licked my soles so they are nice and wet with your saliva.
You even licked between my toes!! You also licked the tops of my feet without waking me up. I am very impressed!!
Oh, What are you doing now? Be gentle!! Your cock might wake me up where it is. Your cock is so close to my toes right now!!

What are you doing to my feet??? You're rubbing your cock on my feet!! Oh my!!! You're fucking my feet!!!! You sneaky guy!!
I haven't woken up yet!! You are very very good!! You're cock is all over my feet and I haven't even noticed it!!
What?? You're going to try to cum on my feet while I sleep??? I really don't think you'll be able to get away with that!!
Wow!!!! You're a brave guy to cum on my feet like that!!! Your cum is all over my soles and is dripping to my toes!!
You better clean it up before I feel your cum on my toes. Yes lick it all up. Hurry up!!! Lick those toes of mine!!
Wait! I'm moving around again. Wow, I thought I would definately wake up when your cum was all over my soles.
You're one lucky guy to have cum on my feet without me knowing about it. What are you going to do now??
You've been at my feet for hours tonight. I can't believe you've been down there for all this time. I see you're getting tired.
Ohhh, isn't that nice of you. Putting my feet to bed. Yes my feet like resting on a pillow. You're very kind to my feet.
Thank you!! My feet get cold during the winter so I'm glad you're covering them up. You're going to sleep right now?

You can sleep curled up at my feet. You can even sleep with my foot in your mouth. I would like to wake up knowing my foot was in your mouth all night.
You're hugging my feet now and won't let them go. Do you think that is a good thing to do? You might wake me up when I move around.
You must really love my feet to sleep with my feet like that. I am really impressed you've been down at my feet all night.
It's almost morning and you still haven't woken me up. You must be having a great dream seeing that big smile on your face.
Well, it's morning and you made it though the night without waking me up. I am very impressed and proud of you!!
You better wake up and get on the floor!! I expect you to be on the floor when I put my feet on the ground so you can make them warm.
Yes, you were very good last night. I'll let you sleep with my feet every night from now on! I hope you'll enjoy them!!