When I am at rest after a hard day's work I need some dedicated attention to my tired feet!
I love to masturbate when a foot fetish guy is licking my frank soles. A tongue on my male soles
always leads me to jerking off until there is cum on my frank toes!
The quality of these pics are bad. They are all made by video tape capturing.

I started these series of pictures wanting to only show off my feet but I got way too excited so I had to start stroking my cock!
Receiving all the hot email from you really turn me on. The descriptions of what you would do to my feet if you had a chance get me rock hard I have a hard time responding back to you with one hand!
Here I am reading some hot email describing my feet and I couldn't stop myself. Out came my rock hard cock and my hand started stroking it.
I do this a lot when I read my email or visit other foot web sites on the internet. I am so glad I can share this experience with all my foot slaves out there!
Oh wow, Someone's email got my dick's attention. I'm going to have to relieve myself without someone at my feet. I wish you were here so you can have a feast with my feet!
I want to get my foot as close as I can to my sweaty feet. Wouldn't you like to suck on my toes right now? Tasting all my sweat and toe jam?? Mmmmmmm
Here you go! Suck on my toes and lick my entire foot!! I want a good tongue bath from you! Get each of my toes in your mouth and suck on them until they are dry!
Oh man you're going to make me cum if you keep your tongue in between my toes like that! Yes oh yes! I love having my foot in your face!
I better stop and get more comfortable so I can enjoy you sucking and worshipping my feet. Let's move to my bed and you can have my feet all to yourself!
Oh yes, this feels a lot better. I can really relax and jack-off while you worship my tired sweaty feet. Get on your knees and do your work!
I love looking at you while you suck on my toes. Don't stop!! Get your nose in between my toes and smell!! Ohhhhh That feels so good!!
Yeah, get your pants off and start stroking your cock like I am! I want to see how much you love my foot in your face!
Oh yes!! You're making me feel so good!! Keep on sucking on my toes and licking my soles like that! I want to cum when you're at my feet!

Hey, here's my sweaty sock I've been looking for. Did you have these all this time??
Here, take my right foot in your mouth and massage it. Make me feel good. my feet are so tired and sweaty. I really need a good foot slave like you, today!
Oh yeah!! You know how to please your master, don't you?? It feels so good to have my foot in a nice warm wet mouth like yours!
Let's get on the floor and show me how you grovel to my feet. Come on kiss my feet while I stroke my cock! Nice and slow now. I want it to last!
Yes, get in between my feet and love them! Make love to my feet now!!! Get your hard cock and fuck my feet!!! I want to see you fucking my feet now!!
Oh yes!! You really know how to fuck feet correctly. Let me help you a bit by stroking your hard cock with my toes! Do you like that?? Good!!
Well I'm getting tired so you'll have to fuck my feet until you cum all over them without any help from me! Your hard cock feels so good on my feet.
Come on, cum all over my feet and then you'll have to clean it up!! Hurry up!! I want to see your cum on my feet now!!! Cum for my delicious feet!!
Oh yes!!! You came all over my feet just like I commanded you. Now clean it up so you can help me cum. My cock is so hard and my balls want to burst!
Very good. Clean it all up!! Keep on sucking my toes. I love it when you have all my toes in your mouth like that.
Yes, Oh yes!! I'm going to be cumming very very soon. Keep on worshipping my feet like they were the only thing in this world!
Oops, how did my shoe get here? These shoes really smell. Do you like the smell?

Move my shoe out of the way so you can worship only my feet!! I really need to cum so bad right now!
Let me get in a better position so I can really enjoy cumming! Keep your face on my sole and if you can cum again then take you cock out and stroke it just like me!!
Oh man!!! I'm going to cum all over myself!!! Keep on stroking your own cock!!
Yes, get my toes in your mouth and lick them. You're making me cum, slave!! I'm so happy you are my slave!
Yes, Yes Yes!!! I'm cumming, slave!!! Can you see this while you're worshipping my foot? Are you cumming also??
If you can cum a second time then cum right now at the same time I am!! Oh your tongue feels soooo good!!
How am I going to clean this shirt after this?? You are such a good slave I'll let you clean my shirt for me!
Oh wow. You made me cum just like a good slave should do for his master! I see you came as well. I am so proud of you!
You may sleep with my feet in your face tonight and do anything to my feet. I hope you'll have a good sleep tonight!!