Lot of times while I make the pictures for my website I get really turned on so I need to jack-off.
Here are a some pictures of me out of control jacking-off for you!
Hope you can masturbateto my male foot too! Cum for feet is good for a foot lotion!
The quality of these pics are bad. They are all made by video tape capturing.

Ah, I remember this picture. These were the first pictures I ever took. I wasn't even thinking of putting up a website. All I wanted was to have myself on video tape so I can watch myself and my feet!
I get so hot and horny when I take pictures of my feet. There has never been a time I didn't jack off and cum while taking pictures.
Do you like to know that I love my feet that much? I love the arches of my feet. I love the round heel of my feet. I love my delicious toes!
I take good care of my feet. I will usually start the day with a good ten to twenty minute sucking of my toes. I lick as much sole as I can get.
Then I'll rub my saliva all over my foot. Give a good massage of each of my feet. I examine my toenails and my skin to see if there are anything wrong with them.
After all that I'll get dressed and go to work. When I get home the fun begins!!! I take off my shoes and smell them deeply. Then I'll smell my socks.
I start sucking on my toes through my socks until I can't stand it any more. I rip off my socks and suck on my bare toes. I'll lick and suck my feet and sometimes I'll jack-off at the same time.
If I do cum I always cum on my feet or shoes. I rub the cum all over my feet which I believe really makes my soles smooth.
When I get a chance I'll get some lotion and rub it on my soles also but I rather like cum on my feet more. This is a routine I go though every day and I don't ever want to stop!
I always try to stretch out my legs and feet so I can get to my feet easier. Sometimes I can barely suck on my toes. Other times I can lick my sole from my heels to my toes.
I wonder if there are other guys out there who do the same thing? If I could jack myself off with my feet I would but I just can't seem to reach my cock.
I figure if I keep on sucking on my toes and stretching my feet I'll be able to do a lot more in the future. I really hope so!

Lot of times when I read my mail from a hot guy I'll take out my cock and jack off. I love reading what other guys want to do to my feet.
It makes me hot because I would love to do the same things if I was them! I love having guys at my feet more than being at their feet. It just makes me feel so hot and horny!
My toes look so delicious. They are salty tasting when my feet get really sweaty. Most of the time I'll be sitting in my chair with my bare feet up on my desk.
I just love the way my feet look while on my desk. I'd want to jump up and lick them until I faint but If I jump up my feet won't be on the desk anymore.
I hope you are jacking off yourself. I love knowing that other guys jack-off to my feet as well. I like jacking off together with another guy.
I've been in a foot 69 once and I came so much that time. I couldn't believe it. We both came around the same time with our feet in each other's mouth. It was so great!
I wish I could have been taking pictures of that. Maybe when I meet a terrific foot buddy I'll take some pictures of us going at my feet.
Would you like to be that guy? Would you like to be at my feet while everyone is watching? You can email me anytime. I am usually very picky of my slaves.
You have to show that you are worthy to be at my feet while I jack-off. I don't want just any guy worshipping my feet. You must love my feet!
You have to totally think only about my feet! You must like my feet dirty, smelly or clean. It should not matter to you if you are my foot slave!
You will need to take care of my feet anytime I come home. I want you at the door waiting with my slippers in your mouth. You would need to take my socks and shoes off with your mouth only!

Thinking about all this really gets me off. I'm rock hard stroking my cock while you are viewing my pictures. I just love that you love me so much that you are still here.
So what do you think? Are you worthy enough to be under my feet at all times? You will only touch my feet until I ask you to touch another part of my body.
I am in charge. You are my slave. You do as I say! You get under my desk while I work on my page or reply to emails from other guys.
That is where you belong. When my feet need some attention you must take care of them with your mouth! Having my toes in a hot guys mouth really make me stroke faster.
I want you to stroke faster now. I want you to get prepared to cum. Where would you like to cum? You should always be dreaming of my feet!
You're going to make me cum, slave. You have the best mouth I ever had on my toes. Keep on sucking while I get myself off.
I'm about to cum so you better get ready to cum when I tell you! I want my feet right in your face!! Good stroke it faster. yes Yes!
Ok. Cum NOW!!!!!!! Yes NOW!!!!! Oh stud you came all over yourself!!! I'm so happy my feet can get you to cum. I have to really thank you because I feel so good right now.
Come back anytime you want to do this again. I'll be waiting and we can both look at my feet to cum!!