Friday, 04 June 2004 01:00

Barefoot And Sleepy.

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Woke up late. I really should go to bed earlier. sigh. Been barefoot all this week. I haven't put on socks yet. Not sure if I'll put on my cam today. Got work to do, shows to watch and things to clean up.

Tomorrow I'll get my feet worked on by a good friend. I need that. Last time I had them worshiped was tuesday of this week. I'll be starting a new story for my page as well. It will be either my second foot worship experience or my first time giving a foot job. Not sure which right now. Depends how much I remember.

I have so many true stories I can write but I'll be writing fiction stories as well. Be sure to check out my new forum. Anything new I'd be adding to my page will be introduced there. Got some pics of a new gallery I'll be adding this month in the photos section. Sign up and introduce yourself. I might run some polls to see what new stuff people want when there are more members there. Gotta go. need to find out what's happening in the big brother world.

Thursday, 03 June 2004 01:00

Feet On Cam!

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So much stuff to do and no time to do it. Probably show my feet on cam today while I finish some work i need to do.

Sometimes being a big fan of a show can get be too intuisive. Especially when it's the biggest reality show around the world. I'm watching Big Brother from australia and the UK. Have to download them from the newsgroups every day but it's fun to watch. The U.S. version will start next month and that's going to take more time away from me. At least I'm not watching anything else.

I still need to make this writing easier for me to do every day. It has to be done. Well I need to go and get lunch and watch the next show of big brother uk and au.

Wednesday, 02 June 2004 01:00

New Additions Today.

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I've added pics, videos and audio to my web page. Having a fun time talking to all my visitors. The one thing I hate is they assume I'll show my feet any time they are online. ummm no I do have a life and can't show my feet on cam all the time.

I am thinking of changing this page to a blog like everyone else is doing on the internet. Maybe even a mblog with video and pics of my feet every day. Ha like I would remember to write this every day. Maybe I should be more optimistic that I can do this every day. It's fun. ugh. Time for me to log on to yahoo and see what messages I'll get and think about showing my feet on cam.

Tuesday, 20 April 2004 01:00

I Need A Blogger.

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Welcome to my thoughts of the day. I would love to be doing this every day if I could. I'll be looking into things I might be able to use to make adding to my pages easier. Changing this page to a blog or a mblog. If you don't know what that means don't worry about it. Adding New galleries is a bit easier now. I will be adding a Picture of the day and a search for all the pics on my site. I'll try to add more of my thoughts this week.

Saturday, 03 January 2004 00:00

Fun Time On Cam.

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Another Day. Another fun time I had on cam last night. Showed off my dirty socks and I loved it! I'm almost finished with my first story which I'll be putting in the stories section. I'll write more today hoping I can start editing it and fixing it up soon. New Pictures will be up after I finish my stories.

It's so cold. have to wear socks now a lot more than I used to. I loved going barefoot. Hope it gets warm again. Hope I can get some new sandals this year so I can show off my toes in stores and restaurants. :D

Thursday, 01 January 2004 00:00

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year All my foot lovers! Had a wonderful time last night. Met a friend who loves to worship my feet. Had him lick my dirty feet while I watched tv. 2 hours of really good foot licking. Then at midnight I had him on the floor so i can smother him with my feet. It was intense! What a great way to celebrate the new year!

I am still searching for someone to join me in a video. Everyone i met doesn't want his face to be shown. You must be local to me to meet because I don't have the luxury of traveling. If you live in the southern california area and have a place we can get together then please email me so we can set things up. I really want to do some of this stuff this year! Of course if you live in the whittier, california area that would be a big plus!! I need work on my feet as much as possible!

Monday, 20 May 2002 01:00

Lazy Day For Me.

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Today is a lazy day for me. Been trying to work but not in the mood. Last thursday I had a wonderful time with a guy. He worshiped my feet and smelled them. Got them really smelly the way he liked it. Then I got to worship his feet also. It was a terrific time. We did some other stuff I haven't tried and had a good time.

The response to my message to everyone about needing help was very small. Only two orders from my store. Got some emails wanting to do more when they can. Also got some hate mail. I am not planning on closing the page but I will have to find a second job. I see I am not going to get too much help from my page visitors so I'll have to do it on my own. That means I'll have very little time to update my page or talk to everyone. Sorry but all the pics and videos on my page cost a lot and my personal bills have to come first.

Sunday, 12 May 2002 01:00

Little Bit About My Site.

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ok, well. I haven't been able to update this page for months. It makes very little money so I have to spend more time making money other ways. I am not updating this page or using all my free time to give free shows anymore. I just don't have the time anymore and the page isn't paying for itself.

I thank everyone who contributed to my page and bought stuff from my stores. I will always remember the ones who helped even just a little. For those who helped out and kept me company during a show I will do anything for you.

I wish I can continue updating this page but I can't. I really don't want to close my page or make my page smaller but if it's not paying for itself then I have to decide on something. Making it a pay site is out of the question. No time, rude remarks and very little response for a pay site is not worth it.

Well my life is going better now. I met some really nice people from my page and I am having a lot of fun. You know who you are. I actually look forward to getting up in the morning now. Have some ideas for the future and a lot of work to do. I'll be updating my journal a lot more for my fans and friends who care.