This page is for anyone who like male feet. I show off my feet and if you don't like my feet then you can leave. I'm not forcing you to visit my page. I am not forcing any particular group of people to grovel at my feet. I cater to anyone who love feet. If you are not into being a slave then you don't need to visit the foot slave page.

I created this page back in 2001 because I got a lot of praise for my feet. I have always loved feet but it started with female feet. Once I got in college I started finding guys feet attractive too. I helped out a friend when he started making a male foot page at back in 1998. At that time I was just helping a friend who found feet fun. He liked my feet and placed some pictures of my feet on his site.

I received a lot of messages about how sexy my feet were. I started to talk to these guys and met a few from AOL. I considered myself straight at that time but I didn't care if a guy was attracted to me. I found some guys sexy too. Once I started building my site I considered myself bisexual but still wasn't comfortable with it. I always wanted to make this page as interactive as possible. I would sometimes turn on my webcam pointing to my feet which I called my footcam. In 2011 I haven't turned it on for years.

There isn't any reason for me to shut this page down so I will continue with this site as long as I can pay the hosting server and domain names. The income from the advertising banners on this page have been able to pay for this site and expansions. I also make some money to entertain myself.