I consider myself bisexual. I have always been attracted to women from a very young age. Once I got into college I started finding guys sexy too. It started first with checking out feet of guys. Then I started meeting guys for some foot play. Once I got my first blowjob from a guy I knew I wasn't only straight.

If I was gay I wouldn't find women attractive so I feel I am bisexual. Some may think I am in denial but I fell very comfortable with men and women. I haven't done any anal sex with either sex. I don't really have any urge to have anal sex at this time. I might if I was truly in love with someone and they enjoy it.

My sex play is mostly with feet and oral. Anything dealing with feet is very exciting for me. I do like being the dominant partner in a sexual experience with men. I would rather have a guy worshiping my feet. I do sometimes have urges to do a guy's foot but not very often. A guy's foot would have to be very well taken care of and soles need to be meaty.

With women I like to be submissive so I would rather worship her foot instead. I can be dominant with women too if desired. This site is mainly for entertaining guys who like my feet. I know some women are into male feet too and I welcome them to this site.

I actually do some cross dressing privately also. I am dominant in this role too. Dressing up as a woman is a very small part of my life and I choose not to show pictures here on this site. I do have a website of me in my female persona and will share that with someone if they ask.

Ever since college I have had more experiences with men rather than women. I would prefer a relationship with a woman but I get a lot more attention from guys.