It started when I was 8 years old I believe. I remember sometimes my sister and me would wrestle together. I would always lose but loved it when she would put me into a headlock with her legs. I never thought anything about this. I just knew it felt good for some reason.

One day we were both watching TV. She was on the sofa and I was on the floor. She was wearing some fluffy slippers. The memory is very foggy but she trapped me with her legs and I couldn't leave. I think I was like that for awhile. For some reason those slippers were the most important thing in my life. I have no idea why because the only thing that happened was me being trapped by her legs and feet in her slippers.

I was also very shy and the youngest in the family. I was always on the floor watching TV while everyone else took the sofa. I remember watching feet sometimes in that position. But the real beginning of my fetish was on a Halloween night. My parents took my sister and brother out trick or treating. I was left alone. While watching TV I notice my sisters slippers on the floor. My memory flashed back to the time I was trapped by her legs. I wanted to smell those slippers. I wanted to taste those slippers. So I started doing that and I was totally happy. I went to my sisters room and found more of her shoes to smell. Saw some of her socks and started to play with those too. Found her pantyhose and started to wear them.

Since that day I started to cross-dress and play with shoes and socks. I even came for the first time in a friends shoe. I thought I pissed in it but it was cum. I was always intrigued by clothes from the waist down. Didn't care for dresses, bras or blouses. I always thought I was a leg man but this wasn't the real truth. Once I started college my cross-dressing was slowly ending but I found adult videos. That is where I learned about foot fetishes.

I found some foot fetish videos and knew that is exactly what I like! I did rent some bisexual and transsexual porn at that time too. Found guys sucking on cocks exciting. Didn't find guys fucking exciting, though. Once I found the Internet and a newsgroup about feet I knew this was the real me. I would download pictures after pictures of feet. Sometimes I would come across male feet and thought they were nice too. Once web sites started to be popular I helped a friend of mine put up a site about male feet. I place some pics of my feet and got a good response. Got lot of email from that so I decided to put up a site all about my feet.

So this where I am now and you know how my fetish started. I have met a lot of guys who are into feet. I've had some great experiences giving footjobs and having my feet worshiped all night. Any relationship that I get into must involve some foot fun now. Ever since college I have had more experiences with men rather than women. I would prefer a relationship with a woman but I get a lot more attention from guys.