I have met some great guys since I created my page. I get lot of offers to meet up for some foot play. I do not guarantee any get together or foot sessions with anyone at this time. I don't offer foot sessions for money. This page is not about real life foot worship. It's for entertainment and enjoyment for foot lovers.

I have my own business and I work very hard so I don't have a lot of time to meet everyone who wants to meet me. If you really want to meet up with me you should send me an email or IM and we can talk about it. If you live close to me you will have a better chance of meeting me. I am mostly looking for a friend and not a one night stand.

I do have some foot friends who I meet up for foot fun sometimes. All of them are good friends and not after just foot sex. If you're only looking for sex or foot sessions with me then it would be best to leave it online. I have no problem getting you off online or sexual chats. I may even get on webcam to show you my feet while you jerk off for me. Treating me as a human and not just a foot will get better reponses.

At this time I don't have a place to meet up with guys. I live with roommates and they don't know about my foot fetish. I hope one of these days I can get my own place so I can meet up with more guys. Please don't take things so personal. I am not that social in real life anyway and don't go around bars looking for sex. Be patience and good things may come.