Ever since I started this page there has been 2 times I tried to make it a pay site. First time I got no members and got tons of complaints. I went back to being free after a week or two of that. The next time I played around with a membership idea was when I was doing lot of shows on ifriends.com. They provided a way to make a pay site on their pages. I tried it but this time I took all my old pics and put them in to the membership site. New pics would be free. It did OK and was happy but I couldn't keep up with the demand. Was hard to constantly update it and I felt bad for the members who stayed with it monthly. At that time I decided to make it free as long as I could.

The prices for web hosting dropped to a very good level so I could pay less than a hundred a month to keep my site running. I saw no reason to try to make a pay site for the money. My business has always been in the adult business selling straight porn sites. If I was going to make my site a pay site I would need to be updating a lot more, have more foot worship and professional equipment. There were many other male foot pay sites out there who run some great sites. No need to compete with them. I took the approach of making money from banner ads. Works nicely now and is paying for itself. Got enough disk space and bandwidth for lot more free pics and videos so it will stay free until I run out of money.