His name is Paul. I have his address in my hand while driving to his place. I'm nervous. I could feel my body sweating and shaking in my seat. I've never done this before! I don't even know if I am going to enjoy it or not. But something deep in my gut provoked me to send him a Private message in chat.

His name is Paul. I have his address in my hand while driving to his place. I'm nervous. I could feel my body sweating and shaking in my seat. I've never done this before! I don't even know if I am going to enjoy it or not. But something deep in my gut provoked me to send him a Private message in chat.

I knew I wanted the first time to be with a nice looking guy. He had to be able to respect my feelings about this. If I wasn't comfortable he would have to stop. This is the guy that I've been searching for 2 years. He saw my pictures. He liked them a lot!! We talked on the phone and exchanged what we liked and disliked. I knew I could trust him but I still was hesitant. Even with my hesitation I knew I had to meet this guy now! Being 22 at this time and dreaming of feet all my life I knew this was the moment.

The street he lives on should be about 2 blocks away from here. The time I've been waiting for is finally here! I think this is the street. I have to take a right and drive slowly to read the address numbers. He said his house is blue with a big tree trunk with no branches on it in the front.

As I drove down the street my mind wanders to all the pictures I have taken and shown to others on the internet. I can't believe I am finally going to feel another tongue on my foot. He's going to taste something he's been drooling over a year.

His house is comming up on the right. As I park my car in the driveway I see some movement in the front window. I am so excited but still not sure if this is a dream or not. I get out of my car and walk towards the front door to the beginning of my first experience.

What am I going to say when he answers the door? How about if he doesn't look like the pictures I have seen of him? I am so nervous I want to run away. But something makes me ring the doorbell.

The first image I see of Paul are his black boots. My eyes always had the tendency to look down at the feet of a guy I first meet. I always thought this was weird when I was growing up but now I know it's a great thing. Moving my eyes up to see paul's face brought me down to earth again. He was as good looking as the pictures he sent me. I was glad. For this first time with a guy I wanted it to be as perfect as I can get it.

"Frank!! Glad you made it!!", paul said with his eyes looking down at my sneakers.

"Hey Paul! It was a nice drive and found your house easily. Great directions, buddy.", I said.

"Come on in so we can get started! Would you like some water or something else?", Paul said.

"No. I'm fine. Just a little nervous.", I said.

My eyes wandered around his living room. The average sized tv to my right. The sofa to my left and a computer in the corner on a table. Near the tv there's a door to the kitchen. Near the sofa is a hallway which I can only guess would be the bedroom and bathroom area. Paul let me in and led me through the hallway to his bedroom in the back. I could see he was a little nervous as well. But I think we were both nervous for different reasons. This was my first time and didn't know what to expect. This was paul's 25th time and he has been a fan of mine for a year.

"So where would you like to start?", I asked trying to calm myself down.

Paul enthusiastically said, "I know where I want to start!"

I knew exactly what he meant. He wanted to start at my sneakers. He wanted to smell the insides of my shoes and get his hands on my socked feet. I knew this because he has been emailing me all of his wants and dreams for a year now. I finally got the nerve to move from the doorway of his room to his bed. I got on his bed and sat down. He immediately walked to the bed and kneeled on the floor.

"Oh, Frank. I can smell your rank feet without taking off your shoes!!", paul said with emphathy!

"There's more smell hidden inside my shoes! Why don't you take them off and find some more!", I said.

I felt myself getting more comfortable and having more control over the situation. This is what I wanted. Paul started to feel my sneakers with his hands. Moving his hands all over the sides. Running his fingers through the shoelaces and placing his palm of the soles of my sneakers.

Paul is the first guy to ever touch my shoes on my feet in a sexual way. I could already feel my cock moving a bit. As I looked down at paul I saw his face getting closer and closer to my sneakers. I hope he will like my foot smell. Sometimes my feet can smell so bad that I can't even stand it. I promised Paul I would get them very very smelly. I wore these socks and shoes for three days even when I went to sleep. I only took them off when I took a shower, But I made sure to cover my feet with a bag so they won't get wet!

"I need to taste your sneakers, Frank!", Paul remarked.

"Well Go ahead, Paul! I'd like to see your tongue on my sneakers! I want to see you worship my shoes!", I demanded.

Once I told Paul to go ahead he immediately started kissing my sneakers. He kissed the front, back, sides and even the soles of my shoe. He was really enjoying kissing my shoes. Suddenly he took out his tongue and placed it on the top of my sneakers. He ran it down my shoe all the way to the start of the sole area. I could see his saliva running down my shoe! I loved watching his tongue licking up the dirt from the tops of my shoes.

"You are doing a great job, Paul! My sneakers are looking cleaner every time you lick. Keep Licking!!", I shouted.

Paul moved his tongue all over my sneakers. Licking up any dirt from them. He kept on going back and forth between the right and left shoe. I loved how much he was into my sneakers. Paul moved his hands along my legs slowly and gently. Rubbing my calf while he worshipped my sneakers. His hands begin to untie my shoelaces but I stopped him and sad, "Why don't you untie them with your mouth!"

Paul looked at me and said nothing. He lowered his head and started to untie my shoes with his mouth. He had a hard time with the laces but he finally figured it out. He pulled with his teeth and the laces started to get untied. He got one shoe untied and then he went to my other shoe. I smiled as he untied that shoe the similar way.

Paul rubbed his hands from the tips of my shoes up to the tops of my ankles. Suddenly he put his nose in the crack of my shoe and my ankle. I could hear him smelling in all the stench of my shoes.

I asked, "How do you like the smell of my stinky shoes? You like having your nose in my sneaker like that?"

Paul pulled his head up and replied, "Yes master. I love your stinky shoes."

I wasn't too sure what else I could say to this guy so I just laid back and watched him. He really was into this. Finally he was ready to take off my shoe. I felt his hand on the backside of my shoe as he pulled slowly. I could feel the air rushing in to caress my feet and it felt good. While my shoe was being taken off, his hand started to feel my socks. I felt him giving pressure to my heel as he pulled my shoe off completely.

"Ah your feet smell great, Frank.", exclaimed Paul. His hands started working on my soles and toes. Massaging every inch of my foot and I was instantly in foot heaven. My mind was thinking of all the pics I have seen of guys worshipping feet and I just got harder and harder. I couldn't believe that I had this guy worshipping my feet. At this time I knew this was very important in my life.

His hands wandered all over my foot. Paul put his nose on my socked foot and started smelling my toes. I could see that he was loving this in his face. He had such a big smile! I started to think of the first time I thought about foot as something special. My fetish didn't start off with guys feet. it was women's feet that I was interested in. I remembered the exact incident when it happened but that's another story.

My mind instantly wandered to the day I realized I also liked men's feet. Started from the internet in the olden days. I also remembered the day I thought about going into a foot chat room on aol to meet guys just to experience some feet. All these things was flashing in my head as Paul had a wonderful time smelling my socked foot.

I finally got back into the real world and realized both my feet had no shoes. Paul's face was under both my soles with his nose in between my feet. I started to move my socked feet over his face a bit as I said, "Yeah Paul! That feels good. That looks great with your face under my powerful feet like that. Smell more of my foot stench!"

"Yes master, Frank. I thank you for the priviledge of smelling your wonderful feet.", Paul mumbled under my soles.

"Very good. Now I want you to take off my stinky socks so you can worship my barefeet.", I said with a little more confidence. I was getting into this as well.

"Yes, Frank", Paul said with the biggest smile on his face. The look on his face got my cock hard and precumming in my pants. I never thought a guy worshipping my feet like this would turn me on this much. This made my mind think what other things I might like from a guy. Could I be in a room with a nude guy worshipping my feet? Could I let a guy suck my cock? What other things would I enjoy? I was beginning to feel a bit tense. Have to snap out of that and just relax with this situation. Just do things one step at a time.

Paul pulled my sock off with his hands making sure his hand was inside my sock to feel the warmth of my barefoot. I never experienced that feeling before. Having a guys hand on my barefoot drove shivers thoughout my body. When my sock was off my foot, Paul placed my barefoot on his shoulder for safe keeping I guess. He took my other foot and with the same caressing way he took my sock off. He placed my other barefoot on his other shoulder. With a big smile he took both of my feet and pushed them with his hands to his head. His head was in between my feet. He was loving the feeling of the sides of my feet on his cheeks and ears. He looked good in between my feet I thought.

"I want to feel your tongue on my barefoot now, Paul", I commanded.

Without a hesitation, Paul took my right foot and placed my left foot on his lap. His tongue came out of his mouth and started to lick my heel. He was licking very slowly up my sole making sure he didn't miss an inch of my skin. This drove me wild. I've only had my own tongue on my foot so this was so new to me. I laid back and let this new sensation settle in. I started to really love the feeling and i was so hard in my pants. If I wasn't so nervous I would have undressed and started to jack off at that moment like I would now. This was my first experience and still was a bit scared so I tried to calm down. Paul's tongue just kept on going up and up on my sole. If felt like he was licking it for hours but it was only about a minute or two when he finally reached my toes.

"Are you enjoying this Frank? I can see you are getting hard. You can jerk off if you want to.", Paul said to me.

I wasn't expecting this at all. I was still nervous. Never jerked off in front of another guy so I had to say, "No, I'll be ok. I'm not ready to do that yet. Just continue what you are doing. It feels great, Paul." He continued with his tongue going in between my toes and watching my bulge in my pants. If I only knew what I know now he would have seen more of me sooner. The feeling of his tongue in between my toes and his lips on my toes was amazing. It felt like everything was going in slow motion. I am not kidding. I just put my head back, closed my eyes and enjoyed his mouth on my toes. He would suck on my toes then lick them for awhile. Sometimes he would stop with my toes and lick my sole all the way down to my heel. Once he got through with my right foot he placed my foot on his lap near his cock. Took my left foot and started the same routine with that one.

I knew he was very hard becasue I could feel his cock in his pants rising and moving around. It kind of made me horny knowing he was turned on so much. I was still not ready for anything else but foot play at this time, though. Suddenly Paul started to move his tongue faster on my sole. That turned me on so much. I knew I couldn't hold back anymore but I still wasn't going to jerk off in front of him. I let myself relax and enjoy the sexual energy I was getting from this foot worship. Right when he place all my toes in his mouth I came in my pants. I moaned and collapsed on his bed. At that moment I knew Paul was comming also due to the wet spot I felt under my foot on his lap. My mind was going through all the pictures and videos I have seen of foot worship. My body was relaxed and complete at that moment.

"Oh Frank. I'm in love with your feet. They tasted so good and made me cum in my pants.", Paul said panting heavily.

While I was still trying to figure out what had happened, Paul let go of my foot and placed both of my feet on his lap. "I really enjoyed that, Paul. You have a talented tongue and would love to do this again sometime."

"Any time, Frank. Your feet drive me crazy and would love to have fun with your feet more often.", Paul said.

"Well I better get cleaned up. It's getting late and I have to get home to work.", I said. I got cleaned up a bit and let Paul put on my socks and shoes. We said goodbye, hugged and left his place with the images I just witnessed fresh in my mind. As I drove home I knew this is what I've been missing in my life. The wet dreams of having my feet worshipped had been fulfilled. The thoughts of sharing my foot stench with someone who loves foot smell is now satisfied. I couldn't stop smiling and I was still horny with a hardon in my pants again. I would have to wait until I got home to satisfy myself. This is how my stong foot fetish experiences had begun. I still remember it very clearly in my mind and dreams.