Not a male foot video for foot fetish fans

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by Frankfeet, 10 years ago
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This is not a male foot video. I just wanted to chat in my chair and relax on a hot day. I like showing off my male feet to everyone but this time I wanted to chat. I like resting in my chair with my feet up. Sometimes I will scratch my feet for an itch. Hope you will like and there will be more foot videos in the future. I am sorry this is not a foot video. For all my male foot fetish fans I am sure you won't like this video very much. I know you just want feet, socks and shoes. I promise the next video will be showing off my dress socks. So keep on the look out. I have no schedule when I put out videos. You just have to keep watching.

This is a video which was uploaded to YouTube HERE.

+1 #1 David 2012-02-25 18:04
I hope things get better for you, because the economy is tough. Your feet are beautiful and i know things will get better for you.
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